In each of these Companion on the Journey exercises I share a song and a story, and lead you into a time of reflection, journaling, and contemplation. Each COJO can vary in length depending on how much time you want to give it. You can do it on your own, with a friend or a small group.

COJO #1 – Be Still

COJO #2 – I Am A God Nearby

COJO #3 – Write On My Heart

COJO #4 – Perishing House

COJO #5 – You Cannot Go Below My Resting Arms

COJO #6 – Speak Into The Moments

COJO #7 – I Am Beside You

COJO #8 – I’ve Been Heard

COJO #9 – I Will Make This Day My Prayer

COJO #10 – Come To Me