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In Companion On The Journey we use song and story for healing and hope. Perhaps you’ve had a chance to review this website, or you’ve signed up for the Blog Posts. And I hope you’ve taken advantage of the first 3 free Sessions in the Be Still series that are a gateway, really, to a glorious journey within.

I’d like to invite you to join the COJO Community in a deeper way by becoming a subscriber, a member of the Journey family. You’ll join thousands of friends from around the country and around the world who are taking a little time each week to find their presence, their essence, to live a more balanced, joy-filled life through song and story, conversation and contemplation.

As a member, you’ll have access to the following benefits;

  • New COJO Sessions: A COJO Song and Story session about once every couple of weeks.
  • New songs OR Songs you’ve never heard: Sung in their purest form, right here, as “live” as you can get. No voice correction, no auto-tuning. It’s my songs the way they were originally written. We’ll still use the Song and Story process with these tunes. But they’re songs that no one else has access to but you.
  • Access to Full Library: You’ll also have access to The Library of past Song and Story Series and Sessions we’ve been through together for your use anytime.
  • Access to a Private Facebook group: Get direct access to me and other COJO Family members. It’s Private only in that it’s particular to member subscribers. It’s the place we invite you to continue the conversation, share your story, and find COJO’s, Companions on the Journey in your community to meet with face-to-face.
  • Monthly AMA (Ask Me Anything): Once a month I’ll host a live Ask me Anything within the Facebook group, you can ask me anything you want and I’ll answer in the group.

For the cost of two tanks of gas, you can fill your spiritual tank for an entire year in the COJO Community. I encourage you to join, and continue the pilgrimage through our souls together as Companions on the Journey.

Join The COJO Family

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What people are saying about David’s music

David’s music changes you. It widens your soul’s vision, heightens your inspiration, and deepens your grasp of the Divine. David’s music opens your Soul to resonate with God.

Stephen Steinbeiser Pittsburgh, PA

I lost my husband suddenly and David's music has seen me through my most difficult days of grief. His songs became my prayers when I couldn't pray in my own words.

Loretta Broussard Jennings, LA

For many years, I have felt sustained by David's prayerful lyrics and beautiful voice, having drawn upon these gifts as a source of comfort during our family's long journey through severe chronic illness. I always feel myself drawn into the very depths of God's mercy and grace as I listen to this timeless invitation: “Be still, my love, know that I am God.”

Nicki Prevou Shreveport, LA

I have witnessed time and time again how David’s music influences and impacts those who hear it. One time a young widower came to a Life after Loss support group. He let it be known he was only there because the deacon in his church thought it would be good for him to attend. He did not utter a word the entire time that the group was in session.

I then played the song, “This is What I am Working Through” from David’s Grief CD.

We finished the group and after everyone left, the reluctant group member stayed behind to tell me “whoever wrote and sang that that song gets it!” From that moment on, this gentleman embraced his grief and utilized the group to share his story and experience healing.

Darwin Huartson San Antonio, TX

David’s music gave me courage and inspiration as I was discerning the call to religious life. As I would listen to his music in the car, I could hear God inviting me into that deeper relationship, especially as I listened/prayed with the albums, Follow Me and Surrender.

Sr Misty Garriga San Antonio, TX

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