Over 200,000 people a year walk the Camino as verified by the number of pilgrims who have their Compostela stamped in Santiago, the official end of the journey. A Compostela is the multi-folding passport that you get stamped along the way. Many vendors, albergues, cafe’s, and stores have their own unique stamp.


My wife Missy walked the Camino in Sept-Oct of 2013. Upon her return, she framed her Compostela. For me and our daughters, it’s fun to look at. But for Missy, it’s much more than fun. It bears the markings, the sign-posts of her journey. The good, the bad, the rainy, the dry, the gorgeous days. The restful and restless nights. Not to mention her inner-journey; both the one she planned and the one she experienced. These stamps are reminders and re-heart-ers of her deep story of walking The Way of St. James.

It will be fun to have my blank Compostela stamped along the way.

I have not-so-secret hopes that my heart will be stamped along the way as well. This song, written 30 years ago, is my simple plea to the Spirit of God to write indelibly where I’ll not soon forget it. Yes, this goes directly counter to my last post suggesting the best thing to do is surrender expectations. My humanity and frailty still rise.

Here’s that song.

I’m willing to bet there is a fine line between having faith and hope that a good outcome is on the horizon for oneself on the one hand…and standing before God waiting for a hand out on the other hand. I hope and trust that I will stick with the one hand and not the other.

Join me and pilgrims around the world journeying and journaling through life as COJO’s, Companions On The Journey here.

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  • Hilda Soares October 6, 2016, 8:07 pm

    God bless and keep you on this journey. ♡