I had a glorious, albeit wet and cold, walk from Samos to Barbadela. Samos is the home of a gigantic and mystical Benedictine Monastery. Barbadela is a small mountain town west of Sarria, the last “big” city one passes through before arriving in Santiago…approximately 120 kilometers from here.

The walk was through woods, through farms, through mountain grazing fields, one-farm hamlets. I didn’t see a soul for 13 kilometers.

Walking in silence has become a gift. But today, something, perhaps the fact that I’m 7 days from Santiago, got me thinking about home; not the family, gifts, community, Thanksgiving-coming-up part of home. But the work, responsibility, business travel, planning part of home.

These things aren’t bad; they’re just not here on The Way. And while thinking of family doesn’t pull me “out of time”, these more mundane aspects of life do so quite quickly and completely.

Many of my days out here, I’ve recorded complete songs (in sections) while walking…a brand new and exciting way for me to write…which definitely keeps me in time. In fact, on average, about every other day I’ve written. (I can’t wait to get home and sing some of the new stuff).

But during the last four days I’ve recorded nothing. No worries, actually. I always feel like I’ve got to refill the tank and then simply be available to go where God wants me. But I could tell, today, that it wasn’t about the tank. It was about my tenor, my presence, and lack of presence here.

The moment I named it I spoke out loud, “Pull me back in time”.

Immediately, a second verse to a song written days ago started to flow. It didn’t matter that it took lots of time for the verse to get written. It’s as though the underlying meaning of the verse was already within. But if I’m not present, accounted for, and available to what’s within, good things don’t get written.

I love what I wrote. As much, I love that naming the imbalance and calling out to the Spirit to straighten me out, brought on a peace I couldn’t bring on my own.

It’s a gift I will bring back from the Camino.

I won’t be perfect at it.

But isn’t that The Way.

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  • Vickie November 10, 2016, 2:51 pm

    One time the Lord spoke to my heart and said…Perfection is Intention…I hear your intention to be centered, present to the movement of the Holy Spirit, present to Love from He who IS THE way, THE truth, THE life…breath Him in David on step at a time, one heart beat at a time..bless you in your journey. I know you will, thru song and testimony, be bringing the Camino to us♡

  • Allyson November 12, 2016, 10:12 pm

    I really can’t wait to hear you new Camino-inspired, Holy Spirit-filled, pain and joy through the journey music. I believe it will change hearts, change communities, dare I say change a nation. I am already changed and inspired and haven’t heard a note. Now that’s good stuff.