My first feature film is called The One I Wrote For You. I wrote the original script (12 drafts), wrote the 14 songs, developed the business plan, studied every aspect of filmmaking and distribution and worked up dozens of spreadsheets to make a 110 page script show up on Movie Theater screens in 14 months time.

The first people to support the movie are friends of mine, Keith and Sharon Manning. Wonderful people. Smart people. And without them, the film would not have been made. Period. Paragraph.

When they first reviewed the Business Plan for the film, Keith chuckled that “the one fact we know about these spreadsheets is that every number will change.” It was funny and true. Anytime you embark on a journey like that, it’s absolutely necessary to put on paper exactly what you intend to happen; the mission, the goal, the strategy, the tactics, etc.


Then you have to begin, and make weekly, daily, and sometimes hourly changes to get things right on the ground. Keith’s words rang true over and over throughout pre-production, shooting, editing, marketing, and distribution. And we’ve just begun to see the fruits of our labor.

So goes a 500 mile pilgrimage. My backpack is rigged up. My shoes are broken in. I’ve got maps, poles, wool socks, and a first aid kit. My plans are made. And I have so much as told God what my intentions are for the journey (see title). I’m certain that the plans will change…maybe daily, or weekly, or even with each step I’m taking as I make my way from the Pyrenees in the south of France to the front door of St. James Cathedral in Santiago. And while I can’t help but imagine wonderful outcomes along the way, the fruits of my pilgrimage labor may not manifest until after the journey is over.

Am I hedging my bets? Not exactly. I’m attempting, daily, to make plans as I breathe in and surrender them as I breathe out. It’s the only way I know how to both dream big and accept the outcome for the myriad of obstacles that can halt the dream.

Just as there are exciting yet unknown outcomes for my first feature film, there are also exciting yet unknown outcomes for my pilgrimage. I hope to take delight in the unfolding.

Join me and other pilgrims unfolding our journeys one step at a time here.

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  • Jo Kaufman October 6, 2016, 6:31 pm

    David’s music always help me to enter more deeply into prayer. I’m praying for David on this Camino journey.