A friend asked me this morning, “Where do you stay for 35-40 nights on the Camino?” There are city-operated pilgrim hostiles called Albergues plus hotels and some Convents and Monasteries that have been converted to accommodate pilgrims.

His actual words were, “So…where do you take up residence?”

It got me thinking about the home I leave behind, temporarily. And the unknowns of sleeping on a different cot every night. It led to a touch of fear about being alone. As much as I’m looking forward to some alone time, 35-40 nights in a row is a long time to be alone!

Then something simple and glorious happened. His words “Take up Residence” found their way to a melody in my head and heart. As I am grateful to do, I stopped everything and wrote this song. It’s a very rough demo; mistakes, flat notes (plus phone ringing in the background) and all.

I invite you to listen before continuing to read.


Knowing, believing, trusting that LOVE makes a home in my heart, it doesn’t seem to matter where I sleep each night.

(As part of the COJO Community, I’ll send new songs from time to time…in just this format…raw material, unpolished, honest. I hope the song itself can be a companion on your journey).

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  • Jo Kaufman October 6, 2016, 6:51 pm

    How beautiful. I hope you don’t mind…I wrote down the words, so that I can use them in prayer on my own journey.