A spectator at a Dolphin show recently received a gift of “presence” from one of the stars of the show. While the spectator chronicled the moment, the dolphin invited her to live inthe moment. The dolphin snatched an I-Pad right out of her hands.

On my best days, I’m not talking about what I’m doing. I’m doing what I’m doing. Present Moment…Perfect Moment as some exclaim. And while planning my journey is important, being aware that planning is in fact part of the journey is essential. I’ve been focused on the lists of things to do.

But when I focus on one particular task, and not the list of tasks, I find a sense of peace that only comes doing something instead of looking at a list of some things to do.

When Moses was speaking to God about the journey through the desert, he wanted more knowledge, more understanding about what’s ahead of him. God answers by simply exclaiming (Exodus 33:14) “I myself (meaning my face, my presence) will go along to give you rest.

I am praying in this moment, to live in my moments. I am praying for the Rest that will accompany me when I am present to the Present. If there’s time to chronicle these moments, great! But if I have to choose between Living and Writing about living, I pray that I choose the former. There are no dolphins on the Camino of which I’m aware. But if I am un-present, I hope to be reminded by one of God’s creatures, dolphin or otherwise, to be and stay in the moment. Right here. Right now.

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