God bless our parents, most of whom, I’m presuming, drilled into us the trouble with being selfish. Living a life that is primarily self-serving leaves us lonely, distanced, alone, lacking true laughter, void of great conversation, and, as I’ve experienced, just plain unhealthy, grey in the belly as it were.

Avoiding selfishness is one of the freeing disciplines; like walking a narrow path that leads to a small gate that then opens up into a beautiful field of lilies.

Many of us allow good self-discipline to inadvertently minimize the necessity for self-care. Selfish…not so good. Self care, absolutely essential to wholeness, wellness, well-being, and joy.

hatMy upcoming journey will be spent under the heat of the sun. I knew I needed a hat; one of those crushable, indestructible wide-brimmed hats that I can stuff into a backpack. I bought one online and when it arrived, I put it on with an extra touch of happiness. Then I pulled it off thinking, “Do I deserve this hat?” Holy Cow…will questions like that ever stop? I hope not! They are part of a discipline that causes me to discern selfishness from self care.

I’m keeping the hat. I can crumple it up, but it’s indestructible…like the Spirit of God within.

How do you exercise self-care? Tell me here!

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