“Giving thanks locates me in a good and right place,” the speaker said. She had already given the facts and figures; that those with the most suffering were often the most grateful, that thanks appears 102 times in the Old Testament and derivatives of the word appear at least 72 times. I thought about testing her theory during the talk, but the thought was fleeting. Until yesterday morning.

Years after hearing that talk, the concept of gratitude passed through my mind as I was doing push-ups at 5:00 am. It was round two with three left to go. But back up; the first 17 were bathed in the moaning and groaning that often come with push-ups, like a cloak weighing me down.

Barely able to complete the final 3, and with gratitude now on my mind I breathed in the word thank as I pushed up, and breathed out the word you as I came down. It’s not magic or pixie dust that made those last 3 pushups easier.

I just got out of my own way, my own thinking, my own “I can’t”, my own “I don’t like to” attitude. Immersed in a simple thank you I was located in grace…quite a good and right place.

I talk about Presence alot. Being present to my truest, best self, being present to Love, which of course is available all the time. Perhaps Gratitude is the air we breathe in the real Presence of love. It lifts me. It transforms me in the simplest and most powerful way. It pulls me out of my lesser and invites me to my better.

So I tested the concept again while walking. I decided to give thanks for everything and everyone, by name, as I walked. “I’d be the judge” if this thing really works. Moments after I began, it seems, I looked up and noticed I was two miles from where I started. I knew I walked those steps, crossed those streets, paid attention to traffic signs. But I don’t recall the mundane one-foot-in-front-of-the-other-ness, for the joy of being lost in thanksgiving, gratitude, grace, presence.I was far away from my lesser. And cloaked in my better.

Gratitude is fuel for the journey. Whether on the Camino or walking to my car in a parking lot.

Share your story of being lost in gratitude here.

And by the way. Thank you for being a Companion On The Journey!

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  • Hilda Soares October 6, 2016, 8:13 pm

    Amen. ♡