You can’t ask me that question before 2 cups of coffee! I have no fuel yet!” a co-worker exclaimed to me years ago. Is there someone like that in your workplace? Are you like that in your workplace? My co-worker’s coffee reputation was well-known, so much so that if someone really needed an answer to a question, they’d greet her with 2 cups of coffee and wait for an answer.

If written today, Matthew 4:4 (referencing Deuteronomy 8:3) might read, “Man does not live by coffee alone, but by every word that comes forth from the mouth of God.

coffee2My wife, Missy, walked the Camino two years ago. So I’m getting lots of intel about what a typical day is like. The absence of morning coffee just recently entered my consciousness. “Don’t worry!” she told me. “Every little aldea (village) has little cafes where you can get a quick cup.” Just the though of coffee is fuel for my journey.

Certainly, I’ll need something to nourish my soul as well as stimulate my senses. Honestly, I think it’s at least 2 measures of quiet. If the difficult workplace questions can’t be answered without coffee, I’m sure my heart and soul need as much silence.

Silence is one of life’s riches. Stillness goes with it. Together they render glorious things for the heart and soul. And, no surprise, they’re better than coffee!

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