Wouldn’t it be great if fear had a name tag? That way, no matter what form it took when it entered the room it would be so easy to invite fear to leave our presence.

There are at least 103 instances of the words “do not be afraid”  and “fear not” in Scripture. Great words. Real words. Comforting words. But in my humanity, if I’m honest, I still need to name, identify, call out, even call up awareness of fear before I can invite it to leave.

fearIt’s such a sneaky beast that I’ll go for hours or days at a time, not even aware that I’m living out of fear instead of in gratitude.

I have this image of fear as a small dusty burlap sack tied to my ankle dragging behind me…with one little pebble inside. No big deal. I put up with it. It’s just too small a thing with which to be concerned. As my pace slows, I look in front of me to see what the hold up is. I wonder why I’m not myself. I wonder why I’m not swiftly and easily moving through my day.

Later, when almost limping, favoring one leg, I look behind to see that the burlap sack is filled with pebbles that’s now more like a bag of rocks…enough to slow me down to a halt. Scissors do the trick. And just like that fear is gone.

Fear creates drag, like a sack of rocks tied to an ankle. Fear zaps energy little by little, like a leaking fuel line. Without even knowing it, I can be overcome with it.

Years ago I met a friend in the foyer after church who told me, “Every day I wake up and say “Fear, if you’re here right now, I invite you to leave.” She developed the technique after much practice and perseverance. Early on she tried to identify the “markers” of fear. But sneaky as it is, the markers always change! So she began to start her day with prayer including a personal invitation to fear to leave her presence. No name tags necessary.

As Companions On The Journey, we’re not getting over stuff. We’re working through stuff. Daily. That’s the task, if you choose to see it that way. Or it’s the Joy, if you see stuff as decreasing self and increasing love within. Inviting Love causes fear to exit. It doesn’t care for Love. So it leaves. Join us here.

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  • Hilda Soares October 6, 2016, 8:11 pm

    Amen. ♡