Plan to hit a wall at least 3 times, and prepare for what you haven’t prepared for!” Words of wisdom from my buddy Tom. When Tom and I worked on big projects together, he had enough experience with developing products, designing marketing plans, and launching new ideas to know that it’s not easy work. “You have to breathe through the ups and downs of getting something to come to fruition” he’d say.

bag I bought this backpack for my trip. Besides the basic features…good structure and support, comfortable and sturdy hip belt and shoulder straps…it has a dozen nooks and crannies where you can place items you might need; side pocket for head lamp, secret zippered compartment for Passport and Cash, handy side mesh pockets for camera and map, and a quick release rain poncho for the whole rig if I hit wet weather conditions…just to name a few.

 “Be prepared”, the motto we uttered at Boy Scout meetings, comes to mind. The trick, however, is to be prepared for what you haven’t prepared for. Maybe it’s no trick at all, but a mystery we’re being invited into.

 In Paul’s letter the Colossians (2:2-3) he hopes that we all come to know “the knowledge of the mystery of God, Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”

 If I believe my heart is the dwelling place of God (and I do), then I must believe that all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are somewhere within me.

What I know and hope and pray all of this means is…being prepared for what I haven’t prepared for has nothing to do with nooks and crannies or comfortable hip belts…but heart, and heart alone!

 And since I am so en-couraged (en-hearted) by friends and family prior to my departure, all I need do is think of you, ponder you, smile about you, remember you…and the very courage in which you drenched me will well up, make my heart larger, making even more new room for courage.

 And the one exercise that makes my heart larger, physically, mentally, and spiritually? Of course, it’s breathing…through the ups and downs of bringing something to fruition.

 All the little pockets on my backpack, visible and hidden, will certainly help me when I hit a wall 3 times…or more! But I am grateful for all the little pockets in my heart…also visible and hidden…containing your encouragement, along with all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. These will surely help me walk through walls.

 Join me and pilgrims from around the world as a Companion on the Journey here. And share a little encouragement as you go.

 And if you’ve ben particularly encouraged by someone, tell us here!

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  • Viotte Eric October 6, 2016, 7:09 pm

    Buen Camino David. We didn’t have a lot of time to talk about the gift the Camino is, you’ll discover it by yourself. Take what comes, do with what comes, leave it to the Way, it will provide and give you all you need and more. ULTREIA! :). An don’t forget to drink regularly water!;)