David Kauffman

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What I love the most is to share my music. And I look forward to sharing it with you and your friends.

Schedule a Concert with David Kauffman…in your home or other venue. We’ve reserved many Thursdays throughout the year for Home Concerts. cindy@goodforthesoulmusic.com

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For over 30 years, David and Missy Kauffman have dedicated their life to music that is Good For The Soul. Their lifelong mission: Song and Story for Healing and Hope.

Over the past 15+ years, the Song Solution Foundation has supported David’s work. The Song Solution Foundation’s Mission is; To use songs to create solutions to Spiritual, Cultural, and Educational challenges of our time.

We invite you to make a tax deductible donation to the foundation as often as you like! Donations support Video Production, Facebook Live Events, and Youtube Channel development. Each donation is gratefully received and put to good use!

For verification of IRS Tax Deductible Compliance, DOWNLOAD IRS LETTER OF GOOD STANDING for your records.